Monday, January 10, 2011


My Dad found these old pictures of me of when I was little.

This seems to be a favourite dress, as I'm wearing it in heaps of pics.

This is a picture taken by my Dad just before we headed off on an adventure (moving to QLD) in our bus/home on wheels. My Dad converted an old school bus into a mobile home. I must find some photo's of the interior. It had 2 bedrooms with bunk beds and a kitchen that would turn into a bedroom at night. I think I may have to do a blog post on it.

I'm the one in the yellow dress, if you are wondering....another favourite dress maybe?

Me having my first pony ride at a school fete. I remember this ride vividly as I screamed the whole time. My dad had to walk next to me as I was terrified I would fall off.

Memories :)

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