Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top 10 Fav Songs of all time #1

Have you ever wished you could program Rage? I know I have. So many songs such little time.

Just for fun I thought I'd make a list of my Ten Most Favourite Songs. The songs that I've loved for years and never got sick of hearing. Songs that have really stood the test of time. I'll post a different song each day for ten days.

Oh my goodness...Bowie, The Beatles, U2, The am I going to narrow this list down to ten. This wont be easy. Of course the songs will be in no order, and I'm sure I'll miss a few.

Of course this gem has to be on the list - Fools Gold by The Stone Roses. A classic. This song really captures my youth. This track was probably playing in my head when the above pic was taken.

How cool is the drummer in this clip. Enjoy :)

What are your Top 10 Fav songs of all time?

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  1. Best Debut album of all time......