Wednesday, December 15, 2010

*NEW* Sweet as candy

It's been very quiet here at the Diddle & Ro blog. Sorry about the lack of posts.
It's not that I've been too lazy it's just that I've been busy making new stuff for the shop.
Here is just one of the lovely items I've been working on.
Yet another "Miss Miranda" Pinafore. I so love making this dress!
I noticed at the last market, lots of people asking for something pink. Well! You ask for it, you get it. I'm so in love with this print. It's a reproduction of a vintage fabric that features children playing with sweet.
Unfortunately this sweetie is only available in sizes 1 - 3.
If you would like one you had better get over to the shop quick, as there is only a limited quantity of each size. Better still, why not get along to the Daylesford "Twilight"Makers Market this Saturday. I would love to see you there.
For some reason this dress reminds me of musk stick lollies.....I really need some sugar.
Bring on Christmas I say.