Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thrifty Vintage Finds

It's been ages since I did a vintage finds post.
I haven't had a chance to do alot of thrift store shopping and finding vintage is getting harder and harder these days...but not impossible.
I managed to find a few lovely treasures ....check them out
*a poodle tin plate, a tiny Johnson plate and the cutest vintage Japanese elephant dish.
*a large Pyrex bowl in my fav green daisy print and a Japanese ceramic bowl
*Brand new/still in pack vintage bed sheets, pretty crochet table cloths ready for some TLC, an olive green chenille blanket,  and a huge vintage clothes rack in a shabby pink colour (this sure came in handy with all the rain we have been having lately)
*LOADS of lovely Johnson plates in lots of pretty designs...this is just a few that I found....yippee :)

Did you find some lovely vintage treasures this week?
You can check out lots of other great finds here at Her Library Adventures.
Happy thrifting everyone!


  1. YOu have done very well lately! That poodle plate is so cute and that elephant bowl is ADORABLE!

  2. Great scores , all of them !
    I haven't done a blog post yet but have shown my latest finds on FB .

  3. Such pretty Johnson designs.. there must be so many different ones out there.

  4. How sweet is that ellie dish. Gorgeous linens and the Johnson plates, what can I say we're all a little crazy for them.

  5. You're done well finding lots of vintage! I know what you mean though. Sometimes you just get a good score, like you have lately! Love the elephant dish, so cute

  6. Great finds. I love your collection of Johnson.

  7. Oh my! That elephant bowl is amazing!

  8. Great collection of plates, I love how they are all different but all match. Love the little rose plate too.

  9. I would be over the moon to find some a gorgeous elephant plate! You found some lovely things.

  10. The olive green mixing bowl with the flowers, I got a set of four for Christmas. My favourite present!