Thursday, March 6, 2014

What's in my bag?

Firstly I have to admit that the contents of my bag is usually a lot messier that this. Not seen in this picture are shop receipts, chewing gum wrappers, shopping lists, etc. 

I bought the Coach handbag at the Narita, Tokyo Airport - sunglasses from Cotton On. I'm always breaking or losing sunglasses, so I only buy cheap ones - the cutest hand drawn map of Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. This place is a vintage/second hand shopping heaven - piggy tape measure from Daiso - reading glasses by Red or Dead - This travel brush was from the hotel we stayed at in Tokyo - Notepad and pens - iPhone with Totoro case - Aesop hand balm - a diary from Tokyo - mint coloured leather wallet by PansyBag - caramel scented lip balm - car keys with coach bottle opener

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