Friday, December 30, 2016

:: my home town ::

Last month, I took a little holiday to my home town, Ballarat, Victoria. My two youngest children came along with me. We were fortunate enough to enjoy a few warm days (not typical Ballarat weather), but the weather quickly turned to cold and windy. I've been wanting to return to Ballarat for ages. I've been living in Queensland with my family for 2 years. Not a lot has changed in my home town since leaving, but I've  discovered new places I hadn't noticed before. We had a relaxing time, exploring alleyways, shopping, eating yummy food (too much) and catching up with family.

Of course I had to do a bit of op shopping. I walked around town, visiting all my favourite spots. However, I was really disappointed to discover one of my favourite thrift stores 'Junkatique' had closed down. Unfortunately I didn't really find much. I did manage to find Ronan a few vintage books, but that's about it. I did find this amazing sewing machine, but it would have been a bit tricky fitting it in my luggage.

Ballarat is full of history. I really like this old sign. I would have loved to have spent more time walking around taking photos, but the cold weather and having to drag around complaining youngsters made this very different. Next time maybe?

This alleyway was a shortcut to one of my favourite restaurants The Forge. I love the original stone paving. Years ago, when I was younger, these alley ways were used only for delivery vans and trucks. These days they are filled with restaurants, cafes and bars. 
This alleyway is also a short cut to possibly the best cinema ever, The Regent. I don't go the the movies very often, but when in town, I have to catch flick, regardless of what is showing. I love the beautifully restored plaster ceiling and glass chandeliers. It looks so beautiful at night all lit up.

Country drives are the best in Victoria. Lots of little historic towns close together. We stopped at our favourite bakery Pastry King in Daylesford, while out for a drive with my parents. Their vanilla slices are possibly the best I've ever tasted.

Mr Ro and I discovered this retro cafe on our last day, while doing some last minute shopping. Sweet vintage decor and yummy chocolate milkshakes. We will be stopping here again on our next visit.

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