Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vintage find

I usually don't have alot of luck finding anything pre 80's when shopping at Salvos or Vinnies, but I've had some great luck the last couple of weeks.
I couldn't walk past this lovely framed print. I love the old wooden frame painted in cream and dusty pink. One of the corners is a bit worn, but I don't mind - very shabby chic!
Don't you just love how the girl looks in the painting-black ribbon around her neck, red lips, untidy updo hairstyle and her casual manner...very french.


  1. I love your new find! Where do you think you're going to put it?

  2. The house we are living in is very modern, so it looks a bit out of place. We're looking to buy a 100yr+ old house would great in the dining area.