Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday drive

Another short and sweet post. I've had the flu for the last couple of weeks so I'm really lacking inspiration and motivation.

Lots of renovating projects ahead of us (more things to post about:)), as John and I are moving into our beautiful (but needing alot of TLC) 130 yr old terrace home next week....yippee! This means we won't have alot of time for drives in the hoo. We therefore couldn't let such a lovely day go to waste. Was sure nice seeing the sunshine again, as the weather has been so miserable here lately.

Our first stop was at an antiques store in Newlyn. A bit pricey but lovely.

Of course I had to have a look in Mill Markets at Daylesford, even if it was only a short browse. Liam started to 'turn into a pumpkin', so we decided to keep moving. Will definitely be leaving the kids with the live-in babysitter (aka big sister) next time. Sorry Winona!
In the short time we were there I saw a few nice things.

Two very sweet vintage framed prints.

How sweet is this play kitchen hutch. Love the cute penguins on the front.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the drive home...finally some peace. Of course we had to stop and get some fish and chips :)
Finished the day by cooking some mini sausage rolls for lunch tomorrow.

So easy to make. All you need is puff pastry sheets, a roll of sausage mince and some grated veges (carrot and zucchini work well). Make up a mixture of 50/50 mince and grated veges. One sheet of pastry should make 15 sausage rolls. Place on a tray, brush with milk and bake for approx. 20mins in 200/180c oven.

My kids love them.

Hope you all had a lovely Saturday.

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