Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The week so far

It's really chilly outside, so what better time to do some quilting. I should have this quilt completed and in the shop by the weekend..along with heaps of dresses (please stop raining!).

Not a lot of shopping this week....too cold. I have done some online shopping which should arrive next week....some crafty stuff....very exciting.
I just love these sweet little baskets I found at the Storage Warehouse. They were only a $1 each and will look lovely holding all my sewing bits and pieces. I also found another vintage sewing basket at Blonde Vintage to add to my growing collection.
I couldn't believe my luck when I came across this rare gem of a book. It's titled "The American Woman's Cookbook"by Ruth Berolzheimer, and was published in 1941. The perfect gift for a new wife. Someone has signed on the inside cover "Amy & West, Xmas 1942" and then again " To Mary, Love Nana 1974". The book is in pristine condition.
It covers every topic to do with cooking such as, bread making, menu making, table setting , entertaining friends etc. It's full of beautiful photos. I love the pic on the inside cover..... how delicious.
I'm pretty sure my grandmother owned a copy of this book, as some of the photo's look very familiar.

I just love the 'Golden Hands' series of craft books, so was really happy when I came across this special addition - "All You Can Make For Babies". There a lots of cute little dress patterns and lovely knitting/crochet patterns.

I've also been changing my blog design (as you can see) and shop banners.....basically wasting time.....he he.
I 've also starting running again this week( on my treadmill of course) as sewing doesn't burn alot of calories :(

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