Saturday, January 1, 2011

Diddle & Ro - Looking back at 2010

What a year it has been for Diddle & Ro.

It seems like I’ve spent the majority of the year in my sewing/dining room with my sewing machine, sewing up a storm. I’ve estimated that this year I’ve made about 50 pinafores, 6 party dresses, 6 pj’s, a vintage quilt (hand quilted I might add) about 10 ‘one of a kind’ vintage outfits and hundreds of hairpins. Phew! Its no wonder I’ve been so tired….happy but tired.

Wow! After typing that list I’m feeling quite proud of myself. Not bad for a full time mum of four, who has to fit sewing in amongst - taking kids to school, cleaning, washing mountains of laundry, caring for a toddler, moving house, birthday parties and all the other stuff that comes with being a mum.

I started Diddle & Ro in April 2010 (has it really only been 9 months?) and attended my first market ( as a stall holder) in November 2010 at the Daylesford Makers Market. I’ve been going to the Makers Market in Daylesford every month as a customer since we moved to Ballarat, 18 months ago, so I was thrilled ( and a little terrified) when my application was accepted….I’ve done two more markets since.

2011 is going to be an exciting year for Diddle & Ro…..lot’s of markets to attend, heaps of lovely new items in the shop, great giveaways and more. Bring on 2011 I say.

Happy New Year everyone !!


  1. happy (late) new year! you are AMAZING. i love your work and you should absolutely be proud of yourself. keep it up mama!