Sunday, July 10, 2011

O how i love vintage craft books

Yet another cold wintry day here in Ballarat.
What better reason to stay indoors and flick through my ever growing collection of vintage 70's craft books.
Alot of people find these books ugly and out-dated, but i just love them.
Here are a few pics that caught my attention.
I really love the crochet zig zag bedspread, but i think it might be too big a project for me to tackle. I'll stick to granny squares and pot holders....for now.

No vintage 70's craft book is complete without an Owl Wall Hanging.

Love this!

(heads off to look for crochet hook and wool)
Happy crafting everyone :)


  1. I love the knitted dolly undies, hilarious!!!!

  2. Do you mind sharing what book the lion and turtle are out of? I'd love to try to make them!
    Great post!