Tuesday, August 2, 2011

thrifty tuesday vintage finds

 I'm so pleased with my vintage finds this week. All of them were found in local op shops at bargain prices..gotta love that :)
 What i found -A 50's cream/red cake tin, retro 70's food canister (perfect for cookies), a pile of Golden Hands craft magazines, three vintage 60's/early 70's Ladybird books, two very sweet retro floral cups (love these!), and a cute little ceramic bunny.

For more vintage and thrifty finds, check out this post HERE at Her Library Adventures.


  1. Oh wow brilliant finds!!

    Love those cups and the cute lil bunny.

    E :)

  2. Your bunny is adorable and I too collect vintage tins, haven't found a cake one yet!

  3. Those are amazing! Tuesdays are my daughter's preschool days, I think I may need to go thrifting today while she's there :)

  4. love those johnson mugs and the cake tin? perfect!