Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

 Wow! What a great week it has been for vintage thrifty finds.
I haven't had much time for thrift shopping the past few weeks (or blogging!) so I was thrilled when I found all these goodies. It was as if they had been hiding somewhere waiting for me to find them.
Check out the huge pile of vintage fabrics I found...yay. All of it is pre 1980's (some 1950's) cottons with interesting prints.
Other great finds- vintage children's books - dinner plates (not all shown) - vintage craft books - groovy tablecloth - 2 cute figurines (not sure if these are vintage but Miranda loves them).
My favourite find would have to be the little book called "Woodland Adventures" It has the sweetest illustrations :)

For more vintage/thrifty finds head over to Her Library Adventures.

Sweet thrifty dreams everyone


  1. Great finds! All of them, but love love the book.

  2. That's a lot of beautiful fabric, the colors and prints are just lovely!

  3. great fabric! you're right -- the illustrations in that book ARE marvelous!