Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vintage Thrifty Finds

What a week it has been been for vintage thrifty finds!!! Every op shop I went into I found some treasure. Starting with this portable typewriter.  
 My favourite would have to be this vintage Fisher Price "Happy Apple" for only 50c. It makes the sweetest chimes when shaken.
Two tiny baskets. I love the contact in the bottom.
Pretty Johnson plates.
Two as-new rolls of vintage wallpaper in a groovy brown/yellow floral print.
 This charming book called "Mark and Michelle in the Forest" by Marcel Marlier. The illustrations are just beautiful.
 I love this vintage chenille bedspread. My daughter has the same one on her bed.
 Pretty vintage wrapping paper with artwork by Phil Taylor (Daisy Lane)
More pretty plates from Japan (Freebies!!)
Wood and Sons plate with "April Rose" design
Unopened vintage bed sheet sets...yay!!
Phew! :)

For more lovely vintage finds look HERE 


  1. You had a very floral week! All your finds are devine. I love unopened sheets!!

  2. Oh my goodness, the brand new vintage sheets!!!!!

  3. oh I have a collection of marcel marlier books. lucky you! the illustrations are just so precious. love all your finds.

  4. oh my goodness!!!! these are all such fabulous finds. loving the johnson plates and vintage sheets still in plastic the most! well done!

  5. Great finds especially the typewriter...I'm obsessed with them...

  6. I'm sure that's the very same typewriter I had back in the 70's!! I think the roly apple was the first Fisher Price toy I bought for my daughter, it was so cute!

  7. Oh wow you did fabulously well - what finds! I look forward to seeing what else you buy in the future :)

    Also, I'm running a giveaway over at my blog and would love you to enter: Jewellery pack giveaway xox