Wednesday, August 1, 2012

farewell but not goodbye

You may have noticed that the Diddle & Ro stores have been empty for some time now. So I guess it will come as no great surprise that I've decided to end Diddle & Ro for good. It really made no sense to be making little girls dresses anymore when my youngest daughter is no longer little.
Another factor was just how time consuming making clothing is. I know that there are a lot of people that could happily sew everyday, but I'm not one of those people. I guess you could say my heart was no longer in it. I do love to sew but only when I feel inspired.

 Anyhow, I thought you may like to look at some of my favourite things I've made and sold since starting Diddle & Ro back in June 2010.
Vintage fabric patchwork I gonna keep making these.

The "Miss Miranda" Pinafore. Gosh! I made a lot of these dresses.

The "Go Scottie" Romper 

 Mini Pinafores.

the "Tea Party" Dress

In case you are wondering what patterns I used to make these dresses...They are my own designs. 

Boys Pj's. I really loved this "Toy Soldier" set I made for Ronan. He was so cuddly in them. The "Retro Rocket" pj's sold well online and at markets. So Fun

At the markets...sign. Gonna miss those early Saturday mornings :)

I'm gonna keep blogging here, so don't go anywhere.

A big thank you to all my lovely customers.


  1. Nooo, not when ive just discovered you!....oh well maybe you will get the itch again someday. Ive really enjoyed reading your blog. im a fellow op shop shopper. please dont tell me your not op shopping anymore!! Allison :)

  2. I have just 'acquired' 2 Miranda pinafores and the workmanship is gorgeous.... Maybe you could teach classes?