Monday, January 20, 2014

:: my vintage library :: The Animal Fair by Alice and Martin Provensen

Take a look at this beautiful book my sister gave to me, when I was in America last year. It called 'The Animal Fair' and it's by Alice and Martin Provensen. This edition was printed in 1973, but i think it may have been written in the 1950's. Isn't the fox just adorable? This book has been sitting on the mantle in my kids bedroom for months. It wasn't till recently that I took it down and had good look at it.  Ronan and I have been reading it together. He loves to point out all the different animals. It's become a bedtime favourite. Enjoy :)

   I will be sharing more books from my vintage library. If you enjoyed looking through this book, be sure to visit here again, same time next week. see ya :)

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