Saturday, January 18, 2014

snapshots of Japan - part 1

Our family had the pleasure of travelling to Japan in September 2013. I've only just got around to posting some pictures. We had an amazing time. We loved it so much that we want to go back soon.
Here are just a few snaps we took-

1. the bright lights of Shibuya
2. our view from the New Grand Prince Hotel
3. taxis around the Shinagawa Train Station
4. bright and cheerful shopping
5. beautiful traditional Japanese garden next to our hotel
6+7. Ronan posing with the Koi. these fish are huge
8. chillin in the gardens
9. thank goodness for McDonald's. something familiar for our autistic sons
10. the bullet train
11,12 +13. sights from the Shinkansen. Farmland, Mt Fuji & colourful houses

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