Friday, February 21, 2014

:: Thrifted :: A peachy chest of drawers

I'd been wanting more storage in my bedroom for some time, but new furniture can be expensive. I found this 1960's chest of drawers in a local second hand store for $50. I love the shape and the handles, but it had been painted (and poorly at that) with horrible brown stain. 

I sanded off as much stain as I could, then applied two coats of undercoat, two coats of colour - I used just one sample pot (Peach Orchid by Taubmans). Lastly I applied two coats of clear polyurethane to give it a more durable finish. 
Pretty vintage floral contact was applied to the top, and I had a piece glass cut to measure. This creates an easy to clean, durable surface.
I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. I'm already on the lookout for some more painting projects.
Also pictured are a couple of my latest thrift store finds. I found the 1950's hexagon shaped etched glass mirror this week while out thrifting with my husband. The green typewriter works perfectly and was a great find at $20 from my local Salvo's. It doesn't have it's case, but why pack it away when it can be proudly displayed of my new peachy chest of drawers.

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