Sunday, July 6, 2014


Lately I've been trying to look at the world through a photographers eyes - trying to find beauty in even the bleakest surroundings. It is so easy to get the winter blues when it's so cold and dreary.  I saw so many pretty things on our Sunday drive in the country this weekend. It was lovely just looking out the window (i wasn't driving by the way) watching the rain clouds roll over the hillsides and paddocks. I was really hesitant to stop and get out of the warm (and dry) car, but I just had to take some snaps of this cute little house (above) even it it meant getting soaking wet feet.

Favourite links this week -
Here are some great tips on How to pick yourself up out of a bad mood.
I'm loving these underwater photos taken by Elena Kalis.
I can't wait till summer, so I can eat yummy salads like this one.
Stuck for kids party favour ideas? This is a cute (and much healthier) alternative to the usual sugary bag of treats.
I really need some gumboots like these ones. Love the colour!
This cute blog makes me want to go back to Tokyo tomorrow.
I could live in the pretty home.
This family are so adorable. Do yourself a favour and check out their blog.
Need some privacy in your garden? Here are some great ideas.
Currently loving all things made from linen -like this duvet cover and tea towels.
I really like this dress and pretty much everything in this shop.
I'm addicted to this tv series. Can't wait till the next episode.


  1. It really is difficult to want to get out of the car in weather like this, isn't it? But it was so worth it in this instance - that's such a gorgeous little house. Plus, the grass everywhere is such a vibrant green of late, which makes photos look so rich and lush.

  2. I love your Beautiful image. I'm sure the home has many stories of days gone by. (The underwater photos are magical. The Swedish summer home is gorgeous)

  3. That's a beautiful photo. I find it best to try to find something to like about every season, just like what you have done here. It makes it easier to smile and makes the dreary times pass faster.

  4. it's still so strange to me that in our summer months it is winter elsewhere. well while you are freezing think of me sweating while not even moving an inch, and while i am doing that i will think of your crisp air and gray skies :) that photo is beautiful!

  5. Beautiful photograph! You have really captured the picture you described.

  6. Lovely shot, it's good to look for beauty everywhere - I try to, although sometimes it's hard!