Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two days of blissful quiet :)

I don't want to sound like a terrible mother, but my 8yr old daughter Miranda (aka Diddle) went off to camp today and I couldn't be happier ( oh dear that does sound mean). Don't get me wrong, Miranda is a great kid and I love her to bits, but boy can she talk. I shouldn't feel guilty because she is going to have a wonderful time and I know she is in safe hands as the teachers at her school are just wonderful. As I see it, we are all winners (well maybe not the teachers...he he)

This is Mirandas first time away from can see the sheer excitement on her face. She has been talking about camp non stop for the last couple of weeks and driving everyone crazy. I'm just glad the day has finally arrived...and so is she.

I feeling sorry for the poor teachers (what troopers!)that are staying 2 nights on camp with this noisy mob. I'm sure they will all be exhausted by the time they get home no doubt. Have fun baby girl! :)

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