Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waiting for clothing labels...grrrrrrr

Diddle & Ro sewing production is going at snail speed....grrrr. I've been trying to get some clothing labels made with no luck. In the mean time I've been cutting out dresses ready to be sewn as soon as the darn labels arrive. I guess I could add the labels later but I want to sew them to the lining which is very difficult once the garment has been made up.
I've also been getting more organized by drawing up my patterns and putting them into envelopes.
Anyway! on a more positive note....Don't you love the cute mushroom fabric. I was able to cut out 10 dresses from the fabric I ordered. I also love the vintage shopping basket seen below. I got it from Mill Markets in Ballarat. It will look great in Miranda and Ronan's room, full of handmade soft toys.

I've also made up another vintage fabric patchwork quilt. All I need to do is some hand quilting and sew on binding and it is ready. I got such a positive response from the last one, so I plan to make some more.

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