Saturday, November 27, 2010

***Market Day***

Phew...what a day!

4 things I've learnt in the past 24 hours -

#1. Don't stay up till 2am sewing on clothing tags. I don't know how many times I jabbed my finger...ouch!

#2. Don't decide to colour my hair at midnight no matter how many grey hairs I find. Applying hair colour with tired blurry eyes is never a good idea.

#3 Make heaps more great stuff for Diddle & Ro......because Diddle & Ro ROCKS!!!!

#4 Take husband John to markets from now on. Whenever I would leave to go to the ladies or get something to eat he would sell funny watching a man selling little girls clothing :)

We had a fantastic day at the Daylesford Makers Market today. There was a great turnout, even though it rained all day.

Sorry about the first two blurry pics( see lesson #1) but you should get the general idea.

The mushroom pinafores were a real hit this time, so were the vintage baby clothes. Of course the hairpins were a success...the Christmas tree was looking very bare by the end of the day.

I'm really looking forward to having some time off. Not too much time. Got lots of plans for Diddle & Ro. Stay tuned folks.

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