Saturday, November 27, 2010

Market Eve - Friday night

Well, I'm off to the Daylesford Makers Market again this weekend.
Here are a couple of things I've been making lately.
I decided to use some of my vintage fabric collection to make some 'one of a kind' baby clothes.

These 2 outfits are probably my favourite.

I just love that brown floral fabric.
Those bright green vintage buttons are heavenly.

Instead of running around like a headless chook, getting all stressed, I decided to have a relaxing evening with the family at a local twilight market held at the Caledonian Primary School.

I was pleasantly surprised.
There were lots of lovely stalls (and not so lovely).

What did I buy?

Mmmmmm.......fudge. I don't think the piece I bought even made it home

I'm so starting a week ;)

No market is complete without someone selling knitted toys...classic.
Very tempting but I don't think I could fit another soft toy into our house.

I bought some locally made blackberry jam. I'm thinking I make jam drop biscuits with this....YUM!
I love the cute Scottie dog biscuit cutter.....sweet :)
Don't you just love markets.

"Somewhere, over the rainbow"
A beautiful ending to a lovely evening.
Back to work've got a market to get ready for...sigh.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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