Sunday, March 2, 2014


1. Meet our new cat Bonnie. She is a little rascal, but we love her to bits. Our other cat Luna is not so thrilled about the latest addition to the family.
2. Ronan has settled into Kindergarten very nicely. For those who don't already know, Ronan is autistic, so any changes like this are a big deal for him. I'm so proud of my baby boy.
3. Planning our next holiday to Tokyo. I have my trusty Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide to help me, plus I've also found this great site about travelling with kids HERE
4. Trying to catch up on some sewing projects, now that the kids are all back at school. This vintage sheet quilt is ready for hand quilting.
Reading - The Happiness Trap by Dr Russ Harris, Mixed Media Masterpieces with Jenny & Aaron from Everyday is a Holiday.
Watching - The Walking Dead- season 4

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