Sunday, March 2, 2014

:: LINK LOVE :: A few things I'm liking lately

I've had a great Saturday! How about you?

I've been out and about with my family enjoying the first day of Autumn.

I came across this sign while waiting for our dinner order. It made me happy :)

Here are a few things that also made be happy this week. Enjoy.


Love this cute kitchen makeover.

I really want this camera bag. It looks stylish and practical. 

This magazine looks great. I've just ordered a copy:)

This has got to be the cutest mobile library I've ever seen.

And this mobile office !!! 

I can't wait till Halloween so I can make some of these guys.

These Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies are only 35 calories each. Gotta love that!

Such a clever way to store your Washi Tapes

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