Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tokyo: the second time around

I'm back!
It's official! I've caught the travel bug. Our family had such a great time visiting Japan back in September 2013, that we decided to go again, early this May.  If only I had the same amount of enthusiasm for blogging as I do for travel.
Tokyo was even better the second time around. This trip we (John, Ro and I) stayed only a 'stones throw" away from the Hachiko Crossing, right in the heart of Shibuya. I could never get tired of this amazing city.

Our room at the Tokyu Inn was really small, but what great location! I would definitely stay there again. The staff were really friendly, and it was wonderful to be so close to all the action. 
We didn't do much the the first day. We arrived at midday, had a sleep at our motel, then headed out into Shibuya to check out the shops and eat dinner.

We were just a short stroll from the Hikarie Building. That's the building pictured on the left above. The views from the 11th floor were amazing. The shopping on the other levels and cafes on the other were also pretty good. There was a really nice coffee shop on the ground level :)
We also went up the Tokyo Tower (pictured right). The view over Tokyo was amazing. 
Unfortunately travelling with a 5yr old autistic boy has it's draw backs. We had to eat breakfast at McDonalds every morning (a small price to pay).

Riding the swan boats at Kichijojo was one of my favourite moments of the whole trip. Pedaling around the lake was hard work, but well worth the effort. Lots of smiles that day.

My absolute favourite place to visit when in Tokyo is Shimokitazawa - street after street of lovely cafes and vintage clothing stores. Heaven on earth! I bought a few vintage dresses from this cute little store pictured above, and an amazing vintage handbag from Lotty.  I love Shimo!! I will post some more pictures of this amazing place in a future post.

Of course the food in Tokyo is amazing. Everywhere you go there are windows displaying something yummy. I lost about 8kg before going on this trip, but I sure I've put most of that back on.
Know that I'm back home (and to reality), it's time to start my diet again...yuck, and to start planning our next trip abroad...yippee.

I'm still sorting through all the photo's from the trip. I will share do more Tokyo posts soon :)
Love you Tokyo!!!!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! The shop selling homewares has many great treasures.

    1. We sure did Julia! Thanks for checking out my store.

  2. Sorry for the confusion Elethea. I meant the homewares shop in this blogpost; above the vintage clothing store.

    I have purchased from your Etsy shop before. I bought 2x Enid Blyton books (The wishing chair again, and The enchanted wood)

  3. Thats ok Julia! silly me :)
    Yes, that homewares store was amazing. I only wish I could have taken some pics inside.