Sunday, November 23, 2014

:: lazy sunday afternoons ::

I really like Sundays. Well, maybe not so much since we put our house on the market. Lately I spend most of the morning cleaning, weeding the garden, hiding clutter in wardrobes (hoping no one will look inside) drinking lots of coffee, and then more cleaning. When I'm satisfied with how the house looks, we load the kiddos into the car and drive somewhere (usually a fast food restaurant) and wait while 'potential buyers' look through our lovely home.
Usually after we get home after an open house, I'm too tired to do anything but nap and play Candy Crush on my iphone (is anyone else addicted to that game?) Today I decided to complete a few projects for my Sweet'n'Kitsch store. There was lots of pretty vintage paper and fabrics, ready to be made into packs.

1. Time to clear the table and get out the sewing machine. I found a pile of vintage sheets while op shopping this week.
2. Lego. Ronan loves this stuff.
3. Asleep in the strawberries. Bonnie the cat, always finds the strangest places to nap.

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