Friday, October 16, 2015

:: absent ::

Things have been rather quiet at my blog lately. It's not as if nothing of note has happen in my life these past 9 months (has it really been that long). Quite the opposite.
So what has been happening in my life lately?
Our family have moved house, twice to be exact. Not only did we move to a new house, but we moved from Victoria to Queensland. We gave renting a try (for a whole 6 months) but decided it wasn't our 'thing', so we bought a cute old queenslander house in Ipswich and have started renovating. Lots of blog posts to follow!
Probably the highlight of this year for me so far, is our trip to New York. I will do a proper post soon. It was the first holiday without the kids for John and me.
Settling the kids into new schools has been a challenge. Three of my children have autism, so the transition has been rather 'bumpy' you could say. They are all happy now which is the important thing... phew.
It's not that I have been totally absent from all social media. I've been spending a lot of my time on Instagram and Pinterest. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy phone, and the camera is awesome. I love walking around my new neighbourhood taking snaps with it.
NOTE: The picture above is of the timber floors we discovered recently while ripping up some very old lino. Amazing!!

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